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  Refinish coatings

  Paint for curtaincoat

  Paint for glass

  Paint for plastics

  Paint for metal

  MS/GL ink for glass

  Ink for membrane

  Solvents, Cleaners

  Licensed productions

  OEM productions

Manufacturing parts


We produce Paints, Coatings, Inks and additives at our facilities in Anseong, Gyounggido. Due to produce the dangerous products, we have got all the necessary authorized certificates phsycally and mechanically to handle the dangerous raw materials as well as the all kinds of regular or irregular educations and trainings internally and/or externally like other advanced countries carrying out for the DG materials. Here we simply brief our some of main products. If there is any further question about our products not only for the below lists but others or inquiry to discuss about business associating and coorperating, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to be at your proposal.

Refinish clear coatings for Automotives

Lighting Clear 


LightingClear is one of our main products, which shows very good solidity feeling, clearly high gloss and good performance with high resistant. It is distributing to main Asian markets, such as China, Mongol and Indonesia, etc. 


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CC Paints for Wide and Flat Glass and Steel

Curtain Coater Paint


CC Paint is brand-new product and it is developed for applying to the wide and flat glass and steel with curtaincoat system. Therefore it shows fast drying speed and has very good mechanical and chemical resistances.


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Spectrane FL for Polyurethane substrates

Paints for plastics 


It has a very stable performance character for the polyurethane substrates. It is flexible even after fully dried and has very good adhesion onto the flexible surface.


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OEM Productions for Valuable Partners


It is one of our main services to produce the customers and partners products as OEM. We have been carrying out this service for many years and recently OEM productions are getting increased by the ristricted regulations from the Korean Government side. It causes a tough line to extend the facilities or build up a new chemical production line for many enterprises.


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