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Paint for plastics SPECTRANE FL

SPECTRANE FL PAINT is suitable for Polyurethane substrates as it has no yellowy tendency, quick drying, flexible even after fully dried and good chemical and mechanical resistances. However, if the substrate has yellowy tendency, the FL will not be able to keep white because of the substrate's chemical characteristics changement.


Polyurethane substrates

Product formation

Basecoat - SPECTRANE FL 300 WHITE (2-component) and FL 300H Hardener (Mixing ratio 2.5 : 1 by weight)

Topcoat - SPECTRANE FL 200 CLEAR (2-component) and FL 200H Hardener (Mixing ratio 2 : 1 by weight)

* PROCESS TIP; How to make the flexible phone case with Spectrane FL


   Apply SPECTRANE FL 300 WHITE on the polyurethane substrates.

   Apply SPECTRANE FL 200 CLEAR after the surface of FL 300 White can be touched.

   Then proceed the heat sublimation with an image to the coated substrates.


* Key point:

  The substrate must be good enough for the high heat sublimation without melting

  or yellowy tendency.

* iPhone 4S phone case

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