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Technical support


With the certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we also carry out the regular check of our managing system, working system and knowledge of workers at each positions internally and externally. Due to produce and handle the dangerous materials, we provide all necessary approvals and certifications to the new regulations of environment associations in Korea. What more is, we also serve a training opportunity to the customers at our house to improve their printing techniques or provide their samples before purchasing the systems or inks, etc.

ISO series




In house training only.

Machine Untility Training

Setup Training

Usage Instruction Training

and Tip how to choose the best subsidiaries to acheive the successful printing solution

Sampling tests and services

Color sampling service

providing a sample of mixing color shade in 50gr.

providing a printed sample with 5~10pcs. If more, cost charged.

Measuring systems and tools

Pantone Light Box

Depth measure



Abration tester

Shore hardeness tester

* It can be different from the customers equipments, thus we don't describe the detail spec of each parts.

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