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  Paint for glass

  Paint for plastics

  Paint for metal

  MS/GL ink for glass

  Ink for membrane

  Solvents, Cleaners

  Licensed productions

  OEM productions

Printing ink for glass MS/GL

Screen printing ink MS/GL developed by MSI shows a brilliant adhesion on hard surface of substrates such as glass and metals. It also shows a good performance at the post process like cutting, applying glues or silicone, etc. MS/GL is 1-component ink and not necessary to add any hardener to achieve the adhesion or chemical resistance. Indoor usage only.



normal glass, tempered glass, SUS, etc.



Curing temperature in box oven or IR conveyor 160~180℃ for 10~15min. (by surface temperature)


Applicable market & Points of MS/GL ink

- Glass or metals for Furnitures, Home appliances

- Mixing color shades available

- High Gloss and clear, Brilliant colorants

- Various white colors available according to the glass colors

- Well-managed and minimum color tolerances batch to batch.

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