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Refinish Coatings

Our refinish coating LightingClear gives a brilliant gloss film on your cars no matter what if it is used or new.


There are 3 versions in LightingClear according to the applications, which can provide alternative solution for coating applications at the various local conditions in worldwide.

Coates Screen Inks GmbH

We have been working with Coates Screen Inks GmbH in Germany since in 1999 and until today, we are the sole distributor as well as the representative of Coates Screen Inks. 


The market we supply to is absolutely based on the industrial applications however, their final products are close to the all general consumers. The main item is Mobiles, Automotives, Semiconductors, HandWatches, etc.

Curtaincoat Paint CC

The Yellow curtain in this short video is, our curtaincoat paint CC. The curtaincoat process is very high speed and can't be captured by normal camera, so we made the conveyor speed lower than normal production speed.

Technical Support

Based on our diverse technical experiences in printing, painting and coatings, we are able to be grown up and to provide a satisfactory solution to the customers. And surely we say that there are our valuable partners who support us and cooperate with us to build up our technical background. if there is any question about painting, printing and coatings, or should have any questions about our products, then please let us know.


동료 계획 작업

Join us and become a part of MSI story for the next generation of coatings.

News & Notice

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