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Welcome to Misung Industrial Co., Ltd. Website!


Thank you for visiting our website,


Today's Misung Industrial Co., Ltd has been built up by the dedicated efforts of company members, the trust from the customers, and the unstinting support of the global partners.

In 1998, the president and CEO, Mr. Yong-ok, Jun started an international trading company related to the printing industrial field and supplied global products such as German printing inks, Swiss printing machines, and technologies to the Korean market.

Based on the various markets' demands and its cumulative technical knowledge and experiences in printing and coatings, MSI has extended its business fields into manufacturing the coatings and printing inks for Glass and Steel since 2006. Therefore, MSI has become a stable and long-term business partner in its business on international trading and manufacturing the printing and coatings.

MSI efforts to become a more trustworthy partner with solid competencies mentally and physically in the chemical areas for all customers and partners. And we keep trying to take more flexibility and to cope actively with the rapid enhancements to the market.

To become an ideal business partner, MSI will never be afraid of challenge and revolution but proudly forward to step further than today.

Thank you.


Misung Industrial Co., Ltd.


Yong-Ok, Jun

president & ceo

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