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 Paints & Coatings

 Pad printing inks

 Screen printing inks

  UV curing inks



Importing & Supplying parts


As based on its business boundary since its establishment, international technical trading is the core area of our company. And upon the business relationship with valuable partners worldwide, we have been able to acheive the prosperous sales performance to the markets, even when the market has been in a shrinkage.


And through the business contracts to have the stable and long-term business performance, we have been freely working to lead the customer satisfaction.

Printing Inks

Coates Screen Inks GmbH

Pad printing inks

Screen printing inks

UV curing inks


Stefan Kupietz KG

Industrial Stamp Marking Inks

Stamping Inks for Office usages

Stamping pads and tools

Teca-Print AG

Pad printing systems & Marking Inks

Doctor blades

Subsidiaries for printing

Paints & Coatings

Mankiewicz GmbH

Water-borne paints - ALEXIT series

Solvent-based paints - ALEXIT series

for plastics

Schramm-Coatings GmbH

Water-borne paints - various types for plastics

Ernst-Diegel GmbH

Water-borne paints - various types for plastics and glass

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