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Paint for Glass MS GLASS

MS GLASS PAINT is 1-component oven curing paint with good resistance against the chemical, humid and corrosion. MS GLASS PAINT has a good adhesion on Glass surface and its dried film is suitable for further processing as cutting or applying the glue or silicone without any breaking or being penetration.

MS GLASS has wide range of color variations, include Pearl Effect, Metalic and so on. And MS GLASS White colors are available according to the raw glass colors.


* It may differ between the yeild and the actual consumption amount of paint, according to the spray method, air pressure and

  angle of spraying, et. 


* For more information, please refer the technical datasheets.

Caution to apply for the outdoor usage


MS GLASS PAINT is basically developed for indoor usage. Even it has a good colorant with a good resistance for the UV lights, but the resin can be yellowish after times at the outdoor. 

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