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Affirmative alteration and innovation


Since in 1998 the year of company founded, MSI had reinforced accomplishment of high end technology in printing. This was able to be achieved with our valuable partners collaborations worldwide. And it was the navigation to lead us to reach to the customers various demand, such as the printing solution for a unique substrate, special printing machine with essential function for their own printing process, etc. Thus, the CEO and President, Mr. Yong-Ok, Jeon and the execlusives of company determined to extend the business boundary further and set up own production facilities for the machine products to satisfy the demands and it has become our successful business achieves until early 2000s. The year 2004, when the economic situation was dramatically dropped down in worldwide, we started to pursue the new business item as Coatings and since in 2006, the first product was born, which is LightingClear for Refinish Clear coating. 

Customer satisfaction


We effort to be the company, which is more reliable and trustworthy with strengthen competencies for the customers demand. As to be the advanced technical leader, we will never be afraid of seeking a new technical knowledge to provide a technical solution for even a potential demand.

Company motto


Customer First, Trust and Belief, Create Future

Company policy


Aware of company aim

All company members have clear mind and mental power to aware of company aim.


Strengthen competency

All company members strengthen the competitive power at the position of each members in the company.


Balanced Growth

Always plan the business portfolio to be well balanced growth.


Confirm results

Reinforce accomplishment management system.



for pad printing machine, heat-spreader coating, cap-sealing machie.

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